What Happened To herbal-health.uk?

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Herbal-health.uk was a site that provided some informational health tips. However, it has been inactive for the past few months.

So, what really happened to herbal-health.uk?

In this post, we are going to give you an overview of herbal-health.uk. We are also going to take you through the history of herbal-health.uk. Let’s dive in.

The History of Herbal Health.uk

Herbal-health.uk was founded in 2014. The main aim of this site was to provide professional health tips that can improve the well-being of different people.

Most of the articles that were posted on this site were written in a simple manner, making it easier for the average Joe to understand different health concepts.

Just as the name suggests, herbal-health.uk published articles that were centered around herbal health. For instance, there were some articles that provided insight on how to cure depression using herbal remedies.

This website also had some natural healthcare insights—how to stay fit in autumn, natural remedies for hayfever, how to sleep better.

Insightful Information That Was Published on Herbal-health.uk

Articles that were published on herbal-health.uk were grouped into three different categories:

  • Natural healthcare
  • Herbal remedies
  • Diseases and treatment

Natural Healthcare

Everything from natural food to therapy was discussed in this section. From time to time, the team at herbal-health would also publish articles that revolved around ancient medicine.

Such articles had content that would give you background information on a topic like The Ancient Chinese Herbal Medicine.

That’s not all.

After giving you some background information on ancient medicine, the team would explain how ancient medicine has evolved and how ancient medicine is helpful in this modern era.

The natural healthcare section of this site also featured some historical articles. For example, A Portrait of A Herbalist from The Past was a historical-themed article that gave readers more information about ancient herbalists.

The herbal health team also created content that guided readers on how to make green smoothies and green cocktails. Not to mention, different recipes were listed in those articles.

Here are examples of more articles that were posted in this section:

  • Body FAQ – Where Is The Liver, Why Is It Aching & More
  • Zen Time – Holistic Therapy Working Magic
  • What Is Naturopathy?
  • The Miracles of Alternative Medicine – Homeopathy In Action

Herbal Remedies

The Herbal Remedies section had different articles that taught readers how to cure certain conditions and diseases, using herbs and natural ingredients. For instance, there was an arthritis article that gave the reader insight into mud therapy and therapeutic baths.

It gets better.

Such articles also featured various solutions and decoctions that would help the reader cure arthritis. Most articles in this section had a similar outline.

The team at herbal health would start off by giving readers background information on a certain condition, list out natural remedies that would help them cure a condition, then list out different herbs that can be used to make decoctions.

Furthermore, the herbal health team gave readers insight into different steps that should be followed while treating a certain condition.

While this section didn’t have many topics as other sections of the site, it had some insightful information.

Diseases And Treatment

Since this site focused on herbal remedies and natural medicine, this section enlighted readers about different diseases and natural treatments.

Most of the articles that were posted in this section were step-by-step guides on how to deal with different conditions. Such articles would give the reader an overview of a certain condition, list out natural remedies that can treat the condition, then give the reader herbal remedies.

However, some of the conditions that were listed in this section didn’t require herbal remedies—this made this section quite different from the Herbal Remedies section. For example, how to sleep better was an article that gave readers basic tips on how to improve their sleep—minimize caffeine, practice good hygiene, and avoid nicotine during the night.

Here are some of the other topics that were discussed in this section:

  • The Core Causes of Hormonal Acne  
  • Top Herbal Remedies for Anxiety Revealed
  • Natural Remedies for Hayfever that Guarantee Results
  • Remedies for Menopause- A Comprehensive Overview
  • Time-tested Natural Remedies for Diarrhea 

What Really Happened To Herbal-health.uk?

While this domain—herbal-health.uk—is still live, there haven’t been any recent updates on this website. The herbal health team has not published any new articles.

Furthermore, the site doesn’t have a secure connection. This means that the team behind this site hasn’t installed an SSL certificate on their site.

Every single article that was published since 2014 is available on the site. However, if you want to unlock the content, you have to support the herbal health team by either sharing their content on Twitter or liking their Facebook page. If you don’t do so, you won’t be able to unlock the content.

And another thing.

While herbal-health.uk has a contact page, the contact form is not fully functional. This makes it quite hard to get in touch with the herbal-health team.

Clearly, this site is not getting proper maintanance. Some parts of the site are not functional. Articles are not posted on a regular basis.

The good thing is: there is still some hope because the domain is live. The team at herbal health can turn things around.

Final Thoughts

And there you have it, everything you need to know about herbal-health.uk. While most of the articles at herbal-health.uk are still available, you have to do something to unlock the content.

The team at herbal-health claims that this is a way of supporting their cause. This might be true, but it might scare away some readers.

While Herbal-health.uk had some insightful health information back then, it is quite inactive at the moment. Not to mention, it hasn’t been maintained or updated in a while.

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