How Does CBD Oil Make You Feel? Will It Get You High?

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If you’ve heard people raving about the benefits of CBD oil, and you’re keen to give the substance a try for yourself, you might be wondering, “How does CBD oil make you feel?”

Some people seem to think that CBD will cause an instant reaction the moment you take it, getting rid of any feelings of anxiety you might have, and filling you with a sense of happiness. If you’re taking CBD for chronic pain and discomfort, then you might assume that taking a dose of CBD will be just like taking a painkiller – giving you quick relief after a short period of time.

However, the truth is that everyone reacts to CBD in different ways. While some people will notice the immediate impact of CBD products, others might need to wait a while for the CBD compounds to build up in their bodies before they see the change in how they feel. Though most people will notice some difference after ingesting parts of the hemp plant, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer to how you’re going to feel.

Will CBD Get You High?

CBD oil in vape pen

The first thing you need to know when figuring out how CBD oil is going to make you feel is that this product comes from cannabis plants, it doesn’t necessarily have the same overall impact as marijuana. There are many different compounds present in marijuana, including CBD and THC. Tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, is the substance that contributes to the psychoactive effects – such as euphoria and forgetfulness – that people often associate with getting high.

While it’s definitely possible for some CBD products to contain traces of the cannabinoid THC, the amount left in your oils is likely to be so little, that you won’t notice any kind of euphoric effect. Indeed, in the UK, for a CBD product to be deemed safe to sell, it needs to contain the smallest possible dose of THC. The law prevents intoxicating cannabinoids like THC from being consumed in the UK. That’s because the effects of THC can be dangerous, causing problems with everything from reasoning, to concentration, and alterations in perception.

Is CBD Similar to THC?

Crucially, while CBD oil comes from the same marijuana plant as THC, that doesn’t mean that it will make you feel the same way. Your body responds very differently to CBD. However, the World Health Organization does define a psychoactive product as anything that affects mental processes. Because of this, you could suggest that CBD is a psychoactive substance, because it can cause you to feel calmer and less anxious. However, while CBD improves your mood, it’s not going to decrease your ability to focus, like the other compounds derived from the marijuana plant.

According to reports on CBD, the substance will not impair your cognitive functions, or the way that your mind works to the extent that you will feel “high”. Clinical studies suggest that even high doses of CBD will not cause the same psychoactive effects that are characteristic of THC. That’s largely due to the fact that compounds found in CBD oil bind to your endocannabinoid system and your brain in a very different way to THC. While THC activates the CB1 receptors in the brain that cause the euphoria feeling, CBD modulates the intoxication effect, so you feel a greater sense of wellness and relaxation, without the dangerous side effects.

You also don’t have to worry about some of the negative feelings that a person can get from smoking marijuana, such as a sense of nervousness or paranoia. CBD is all about delivering relaxation, with no dangerous outcomes. Most people will have a very soothing experience, whether they’re taking CBD for pain, anxiety, or something else entirely.

Can Anything Affect the Experience You Have with CBD?

If you’re eager to try CBD oil for yourself, but you’re concerned about how you’re going to feel when using it, it’s worth noting that the response is usually a positive one. There are a lot of benefits to using the hemp plant and CBD for relaxation and anxiety management. CBD oil can be a helpful tool when used correctly, although it does impact different people in different ways.

The way that you respond to your cannabidiol depends on things like how much you take, how potent the oil is, and even the kind of oil that you’re taking. CBD oil comes in lots of different forms, including high-strength elixirs and tinctures. Additionally, there’s a big difference between taking CBD oil from industrial hemp, and marijuana derived CBD oil.

industrial hemp plant

Industrial hemp plants are grown for their seeds and fibre and don’t have a lot of foliage. This means that hemp-derived CBD oil is unlikely to have large amounts of THC. Your chances of feeling any side effects from THC are very low with this kind of highly-regulated plant. On the other hand, marijuana derived CBD oil comes from plants with a lot of foliage. This could mean that there’s a slightly higher risk that the CBD oil produced contains amounts of THC than what’s deemed safe and legal.

Usually, marijuana derived CBD is only available for medical use. You won’t be able to get oil straight from the cannabis plant like this unless you have legal and medical permission to do so.

How Does CBD Make You Feel?

relaxed young man

So, if legal CBD oil in the UK doesn’t make you feel euphoric or high – how does CBD oil make you feel? What kind of experience can you expect? Well, the answers to these questions are highly subjective. How CBD oil makes you feel and how long it takes to work depends on your individual response to the cannabis plant, and how the compound interacts with your endocannabinoid system.

Most describe CBD oil to be effective at helping them overcome feelings of anxiety and nerves when it’s taken on a daily basis. If you want to feel more relaxed, or you suffer from body pain associated with chronic illnesses, CBD oil could help with that. There’s no need to be nervous about any dangerous side effects from the cannabis drug, either.

Some say that taking CBD oil helps them to stay focused or makes it easier to get to sleep at night. Additionally, the medicinal properties of CBD are known to relieve nausea, pain, and depression. One study conducted in 2017 even suggested that the consumption of CBD oil could help to control nerve pain and discomfort in patients undergoing chemotherapy.

What Are the Potential Side Effects of CBD?

While there are many health benefits to using CBD oil, it’s important to note that everyone reacts to this type of cannabinoid differently. Although this substance is unlikely to have a serious negative impact on your body, you may experience the adverse effects of CBD when taking large doses of the product at once. If you’re not used to CBD, then you might feel nauseous or uncomfortable after using it.

young woman showing signs of fatigue

You may also experience fatigue, diarrhea, appetite changes, and significant fluctuations in weight when using CBD excessively. Therefore, it’s important to start slowly with your dose and monitor the effects of CBD to determine whether it is safe to take more.

Should You Give CBD Oil a Try?

Because the CBD cannabinoid can affect everyone in different ways, the only way to know for certain how you’re going to feel when taking this product is to try it for yourself. The good news is that CBD is not illegal in the UK. Many find that this substance does make them feel better, regardless of whether they’re using it for weight loss, relaxation, or pain management. To answer the question “How does CBD oil make you feel?” once and for all, the best thing you can do is speak to your doctor and consider using it yourself. Do your research into how the cannabinoid works, and make sure that you begin with a small dose before ramping your way up to something more significant.

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